Our NEW VINYL RECORD holder & displays are available!

Why a Mid-century Modern Mailbox and Vinyl LP Album Holders/Displays?

As a mid-century modern enthusiast, I was frustrated when I couldn't find a mailbox that complemented the mid-century aesthetic of our recently renovated home. In the fall 2013 issue of Atomic Ranch, a reader asked: "Do you know of a good source of '50s period mailboxes?" The editor replied: "...the retro market seems to be wide open."

That was my aha moment!

With an entrepreneurial spirit (from starting a coffeehouse to renovating homes), a background in finance, and a love for good design, I started modbox USA.  The result? I've designed a retro mid-century modern mailbox inspired by mailboxes produced during the 1950s and 60s!

In 2014, the curbside mailbox was a reward for pledges from backers during our first successful KickStarter campaign!

In 2015, the wall mounted mailbox was a reward for pledges from backers during our second successful KickStarter campaign!

Our customers were requesting LOCKING mailboxes with a modern design aesthetic. So in 2022, we designed and launched a locking wall mounted and curbside modbox!

Also in late 2022, we introduced a product line of vinyl LP record album holders and displays. As a vinyl record enthusiast, I was searching for holders and/or displays with a sleek modern design.  None existed!  So we decided to design a full product line in-house and powder coat them in the twelve modbox colors.

Our blog post tells a bit more of the story with photos too!! [click here]